LeAnn Coston

                Romance Novelist

Author bio:

LeAnn Coston lives for creativity. She's always got a project (or fourteen) in mind, and some of the scariest words she can say are, "I've got an idea..."


Books are among LeAnn's first loves. She's been reading since she could hold up a book, and she devours words as fast as she devours football statistics.


So, it's no surprise that this former librarian turned her pen (actually it was her computer keyboard) towards writing her own books.


LeAnn loves the genre of romance. Actually she loves writing the genre of romance, because, unlike in real life, she gets a say in the ultimate outcome. She likes books that are an escape from the real world. So, she writes books that are an escape from the real world. As she says, if you want to find the perfect man--open the pages of a book. If you want to find a real man--just roll over in bed and look at the one who's next to you.





About the author:

LeAnn Coston also writes romances under the pen name Dayne Gearner. She writes mysteries as well. She is a former librarian and former newspaper journalist.


In addition to writing, LeAnn is a musician, singer, songwriter, music publisher, music producer, dancer, actor, screenwriter, director, and film producer. Throw in chief cook and bottle washer, and you've about covered the entire spectrum.